Having doubts?

If you are someone who works really hard but feel a certain hesitation or discomfort while expressing your doubts and concerns in front of many other students, then that might be the reason behind not getting your desired grades. Doubts that go unattended can come to revisit you as your worst nightmares in the examination and can also severely impact your confidence about the subject. Online doubt solving can be of great use to the students and prove to be one of the most beneficial tools available to them. Thus, it becomes extremely vital that any and all of your doubts are entertained in detailed doubt clearing classes properly, you should feel secure and comfortable while expressing those doubts, and finally a simplified and instant doubt solving must be provided to you by a good teacher or mentor who has an expertise in the subject.


A doubt can easily be indefinitely delayed and restrict one’s academic progress. When a doubt arises and you immediately get it clarified, it motivates you to keep going with your ongoing studies and ensures hassle free studying. Students get easy and convenient access to instant doubt solving with our top subject experts so that you no more have to linger upon a query that comes up and smoothly understand every new concept introduced to you with our doubt clearing classes.


Every student has their own unique pace of learning, patterns of understanding and ability of grasping new concepts. Ekal Shiksha provides these unique sessions of online doubt solving to students while recognizing their individual dynamism and assigns a specific mentor to each student who then provides doubt clarification to students while keeping in minds their learning requirements through their doubt clearing classes. We also ensure that no doubt ever lingers on, and thus offer instant doubt solving to each and everyone. This way, the students don’t have to adjust their speed of learning or preferred method of studying according to teachers or other students but rather are provided with mentors who will comply with their standards and help them pass with flying colors.


One of the major challenges for a student is to manage the times of different classes with their self studying schedules so as to avoid a clash of time between the two. Ekal Shiksha strives to solve this issue for the students with their doubt clearing classes. They can get instant doubt solving whenever they want. Online doubt solving also ensures that students enjoy studying from the comfort of their homes without having to travel to far way places. They can also schedule these doubt clearing classes in advance to ensure a proper way around their schedule and the available subject expert will be at your service to provide you with the best doubt resolution.


Many students often feel hesitant or held back whenever a doubt pops up in their mind during a class out of fear of judgment by their peers of fear of getting scolded by the teacher. With Ekal Shiksha’s doubt clearing classes, the mentors practice utmost patience and empathy in dealing with the students and provide them with a comfortable and safe space to express their queries and get instant doubt solving. No doubt is ever a silly question; and we at Ekal Shiksha are here to make the best use of this provision of online doubt solving and we encourage students to get their doubts cleared without any hesitation.


Once you connect with Ekal Shiksha for any doubt clearing classes, we first get acquainted with your learning capabilities and unique potential and then offer you absolutely free first demonstration class which will help you familiarize yourself with the pattern we follow for quick and instant doubt solving and also forma rapport with your allocated mentor. This ensures that you learn easily and help us comprehend your needs and requirements in a holistic and comprehensive manner for an enriching experience and easy online doubt solving.

Features of our Doubt class

Instantly resolves doubts

Convenient and Flexible

Instant teacher allocation

First Doubt is Free

No pressure or hesitation


Ekal Shiksha provides the easiest roadmap to success. Each student upon enrollment is offered a free interaction with our counselor for an assessment of one’s unique learning pace, grasping capacity and mindset. Based upon these parameters, we allocate the perfect mentor for you catering all your needs. You can then avail a free demonstration class with us and confirm your mentor according to your rapport and preference.

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