How Home Tuition Can Affect The Kids?

Ekal Shiksha

As a parent, everyone thinks that home tuition is essential for the kids to excel in life. But when they step into kids' shoes, parents will understand how easy it is to lose motivation while taking home tuition with a private tutor. Kids these days lose motivation very fast after they are continuously under the pressure of schoolwork. Though it is not permanent, kids can get back their enthusiasm and motivation once they enter an online learning platform like Ekal Shiksha that helps them to understand lessons in their way.

But don't you want to know how home tuition and private tutoring promotes demotivation? Let me tell you. Usually, home tuition and a private tutor are not a good match for the students.

Though home tuition might be the most preferred way for your parents to help in your studies, what about you? Will you feel comfortable with a private tutor that is very different from you and cannot help you understand the lessons in your way? No, you won't be comfortable. This article is to tell you how home tuition affects your studies.

I remember, as a kid, I was never happy to come back home from school as I had to attend the lessons of my private tutor. Though the private tutor was well-educated, it was not something that I was comfortable with. This was the case with me, and it might be the same for you. Now, kids have online learning platforms where they can take classes with a private online tutor who will change their ways to make them understand the topics easily with fun and ways that the kids are comfortable with.

As a parent, we sometimes forget that extracurricular activities are a must for kids, but it takes up their time with private tutors and home tuition. Also, it takes up the resting time of kids that helps their minds to relax.
Home tuition was a great option when there were no resources available to the kids in the past, but in the era of online learning platforms and private online tutors, home tuition just plays the role of the burden on the students.

Home tuition is a choice that is made by the parent and not by the kid. That is why kids feel it as a burden that they have to do rather than enjoy the lessons. Also, sometimes parents do not pay enough attention and hire private tutors who do not have enough knowledge and do not know how to match the kids' understanding level. Sometimes parents are even worried about their kids' security while attending home tuitions.

As a kid, you will definitely not want to lose confidence in yourself, but you lose. Do you know the reason? It is home tuition and the burden that it puts on you.

But the kids of this era can make it easier for themselves with online learning platforms and private online tutors. With the help of these online learning platforms and private online tutors such as individual online classes by Ekal Shiksha, both parents and kids can be reassured with the quality of teaching. They can gain knowledge with a diverse range of resources. Also, it gives the kids a boost of their confidence with projects of real-life situations.